Jaipur Smart City Expo Event: 26th – 28th September

The mission of the Smart City Expo India event was to showcase the innovation in the space of Smart Cities globally. The focus was on the need to empower cities and therefore to empower the people of Indian cities. The event was the business platform to discuss and tackle similar urban challenges and generate opportunities for action.

The Urban Gateway team attended the event and introduced the Gateway Program to various Indian stakeholders including trade bodies, project management consultants and contractors etc. The aim of the meetings was to understand the requirements from these stakeholders and how Gateway can help them by partnering with member companies in the future.


One of the Gateway member companies was part of the delegation to Jaipur. They were introduced to Indian companies and contractors during the event and they discussed their technology, products and solutions that they can offer to the Indian smart cities.

How Urban Gateway Program is working for DFID:

The objective of the Urban Gateway is to work with DFID and wider HMG and other interested stakeholders to bring financial investors, urban experts and an international supply chain to India to help achieve the goals of the Urban Partnership. This will involve connecting international businesses to the development of India’s cities, so as to enhance the development and prosperity of India

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